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Data Scientist and Director of LETU Mongolia. Keen observer of Mongolia.

More customizable than Streamlit, simpler than Dash

The most expensive license plate in Mongolia.

Would you pay this much for the country’s “best” license plate?

They join Colab and Deepnote with a custom Jupyter notebook UI

The new IDE in dark mode

From monitoring agriculture to fighting government waste, remote sensing has huge potential in Mongolia.

Power up the almost useless code suggestions in JupyterLab

JupyterLab’s native code completion is well….not great.

A web app I made with Anvil to monitor air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Build a data science app in minutes, and deploy it to the web in one click.

2020 Parliamentary Election

  • Population indicators: population, household size, herder percent, age group…

Улаанбаатар хотын агаарын чанарыг харьцуулах апп

An app to compare Ulaanbaatar air quality

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